Relife Group Vision                                                                                         

Our vision at Relife Group is be a leading company that seeks to facilitate enhanced levels of hygiene and health through the usage of safe, environmentally-friendly products that can also help to protect the earth. We utilize capital investment wisely and with foresight to generate wealth to develop innovative green consumer products to benefit people everywhere as well as our stakeholders.

Relife Group believes in corporate social responsibility, giving back to society through charitable acts, and supporting education including education on environmental protection and protecting the earth.

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Relife Technology Incubation Program                                      

Relife Technology has established and launched the “Relife Technology Incubation Program ” to nurture aspiring individuals in the field of global entrepreneurship, affording them the opportunity to participate in the promotion of Relife Group’s technological products.

Leveraging on the innovative “Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” product as its key entrepreneurial element, Relife Technology employs high-end technologies such as the internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the most efficient management platform to help aspiring people realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Relife JV Cooperation Partners

Ms. Pauline WONG, the Chairman and CEO of Pokka Café,  is also the Chairman and CEO of Golden Billion Group,  and it establishes JV cooperation partnership with Relife Group.

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Sunshine Laundry

Sunshine Laundry has over 25 years history. With the same business philosophy, Mr. Ringo WONG, Group Founder of Sunshine Laundry Group, signed JV cooperation partnership agreement with Relife Group.

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“Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water”

Product Application

Due to its excellent sterilization and decontamination capability, “Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” offers a wide range of applications and flexible use.

An indispensable water cleaning product for household, medical, commercial, industrial and farming enterprises, including the following:

o car washing enterprises
o beauty services
o suppliers of maternal and child products
o hotels
o laundry business
o cleaning services
o hospitals
o medical equipment and precision equipment manufacturing
o marine aquaculture
o poultry and livestock farming
o meat processing

**Relife Product Application at Home

**Relife Product Application in Office

Product Advantages

“Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” consists of only pure water and a small amount of potassium carbonate resulting from the process of electrolysis. The product is highly alkaline electrolyzedwater with a pH value of up to 12.5.

“Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” combines the functions of “sterilization, disinfection,cleaning and decontamination”. Colorless, and tasteless, “Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” leaves behind no harmful chemical substances after use and will not cause water or ecological pollution. It is a safe and reliable product made in accordance with environmental protection principles.

Professional Testing

“Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” is certified by international testing, inspection and certification organization STC. Test results show “Relife Super Alkaline Cleaning Water” can effectively kill the following common bacteria and viruses in the home environment, with a killing rate of up to 99.999%:

  •   Escherichia coli
  •   Klebsiella pneumonia
  •   Legionella pneumophila
  •   Staphylococcus aureus
  •   Salmonella typhimurium
  •   Influenza A virus (H1N1)